KaKe DANCE presents … A Piece of KaKe

Join KaKe DANCE—a newly founded dance company based out of NYC—this Labor Day weekend for its premiere performance . KaKe DANCE’s premiere event will showcase an exploration of movement through various emotional minefields such as love, ambition, hope and addiction.
September 4 at 7:30pm and September 5 at 2pm

361 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn

Tickets: $15 in advance and at the door (cash only)

KaKe DANCE, a newly founded modern dance company, will host their premiere performance at CPR. KaKe DANCE, founded by K.K. Mayo in November 2014, consists of five uniquely talented female dancers, each with their own distinctive voice that Mayo has used as her foundation for these new works. The event will showcase a wide emotional landscape of feelings such as love, ambition, hope and addiction while presenting 8 works with a very unique soundtrack.

KaKe DANCE hopes to secure a place within the modern dance community with the bulk of their program containing traditional modern pieces set to instrumental music. Additionally, in the same vein as their YouTube series “…With Words,” KaKe DANCE will premiere two pieces which display a hybrid of classical modern dance mixed with contemporary music for a more “popular” dance experience. From a group number outlining the struggles of making it in an industry of standards set to Son Lux (collaborated upon with Caitlin Brady) to a solo on addiction with the background of the Alabama Shakes, the show will open your eyes to the possibilities of exploring a new collaboration with modern dance and today’s music. For more information or to donate in support of this newly founded company please visit www.kakedance.org.