a simple sanctum

Isodoc Dance Group is excited to share their newest creation. This evening length duet between Amara Barner and Jeffrey Docimo explores the efforts of finding an honest and sacred place within a relationship. Originally shown as a work-in-progress during the company’s last performance at The Actor’s Fund Theater in August, the duet has been re-mantled for its own premier.
December 17 at 7pm
361 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn

Tickets: $15 in advance, $20 at door (cash only)

Isodoc Dance Group

Jeff Docimo and Amara Barner

‘a simple sanctum’ is an intimate duet stemmed from the efforts of finding a sacred and peaceful place within a relationship. This sanctum is formed by a rare connection, hope, and the bond of time. The piece explores the delicacy of trust, and process of reaching such an honest place. We are constantly working to keep our sanctum safe from disharmony. Like chapters in a book, relationships endure phases of time and evolutions that make their connection deeper. We are stronger together, than apart. In order to truly indulge in the sanctum created together, we must take responsibility of our internal fears. We have jurisdiction over our future and should choose love every day.

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image credit Miguel Anaya