Natalie Johnson Dance presents AGEN, an evening-length quartet that speaks through intimacies and universal ideas. This work unearths and communicates a journey of burden, relief, pain and healing.
December 5 and 6, 2015 at 7pm
361 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn

Tickets: $15 suggested donation/pay what you can – email to reserve your seat

AGEN, coming from Middle English, is the primary root for three common English words today: “own”, “against”, and “anew”. This piece is divided into three sections that draw upon those words, yet all share the same root. AGEN covers a broad spectrum of movement and tone, ranging from pedestrian to virtuosic, abstract to referential, irreverent to supplicative. But always in common is the root: my fascination with pain, and the transformative process that follows.

Pain is honest, universal, spans the physical and emotional boundaries, and connects all things living. Pain can be self-inflicted, oppressive, enjoyable, humorous, destructive. Pain is a great teacher and a formidable enemy. AGEN is a story of four people owning, battling, and shedding themselves, through love and pain, to become anew.