Amo dance Presents…

A split-bill evening of dance theater featuring the premiere of “Hand Habits,” the latest multimedia work by Amo dance, and that of select choreographers: One Fine Day by Jessie Kardos and Tori Casagranda, Nicole Assanti’s trio work BADgrASS, and a duet by Dakota Celeste Bouher/MAXIMUM GOODNESS.
May 20 & 21, 2017 at 8pm
361 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn

Tickets: $15 in advance, $20 at door (cash only)

DOORS at 7PM for reception (food/drink)
// SATURDAY MAY 20th: Tori Casagranda & Jessie Kardos; Nicole Assanti; Amo dance
// SUNDAY MAY 21st: Dakota Celeste Bouher/MAXIMUM GOODNESS; Aneyn Mara O’Grady; Amo dance

Amo dance Presents… is an evening of dance theater that transports audiences through vignettes of what performance can be. Each night will begin with an alternating split-bill, followed by the premiere of “Hand Habits,” the latest multi-media work by Amo dance concerned with how we navigate a world of left and right-handed people. Amo dance is honored to ring in Saturday’s opening night with Jessie Kardos and Tori Casagranda in One Fine Day, “a light-hearted romp inspired by 60s girl groups,” and BADgrASS, Nicole Assanti’s non-gendered trio of physically explored anxiety performed with Kailey McCrudden and Shannon Healey. Sunday’s performance gives us one of “A series of duets featuring two women in their twenties” by Dakota Celeste Bouher/MAXIMUM GOODNESS, performed with Arianna Dunmire, as well as solo work by Aneyn O’Grady. Food, drink, and merriment will be provided both nights.

Produced by Amo dance/Aneyn M. O’Grady

Collaborators of Amo dance in Hand Habits: Nicole Assanti, Ann Averill, Kristen DeLillo, Sarah Freeman, Nadia Hannan, Jessie LaFargue, Jane Merrow, Aneyn M. O’Grady

Additional Choreographers:

Saturday, 5/20: Tori Casagranda & Jessie Kardos perform One Fine Day; Nicole Assanti, Kailey McCrudden & Shannon Healey perform “BADgrASS,” choreographed by Nicole Assanti

Sunday, 5/21: Dakota Celeste Bouher & Arianna Dunmire perform a duet choreographed by Dakota Celeste Bouher/MAXIMUM GOODNESS part of a larger suite of works titled, “A series of duets featuring two women in their twenties.”

Learn more about Amo dance here.