Chez Bushwick Presents: James & Jen | McGinn & Again

James & Jen | McGinn & Again present two new works.
May 29 & May 30 at 8pm

361 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn

Tickets: $12 in advance and $15 at the door

Brother and sister, James & Jen McGinn will present two new works under their multidisciplinary family art collective: McGinn & Again.

Over the River is a solo built by McGinn & Again for James. Constantly shifting self and time, he embarks on a journey of antiquities, piecing together mosaic associations. Inspired by a cyclical history, sourced sounds and images blend in an attempt to explore humoral composition, societal structures, and existential expansion. Through sequential geolocated repetition, the memory of these gaseous images give way to a state of ephemeral permanence.

frontier offers a nostalgic journey into the recesses of our subconscious. A space where intricately woven intangible associations juxtapose residual representation. It’s a tale of familial support & supplication, a diary of love & loss, an ode to an analog era, and a reverence to persistent pioneers. Brother & Sister, James & Jen McGinn traverse the vast landscape of their collective history & humor to reconstruct humanity within the shell of contemporary formalism.

McGinn & Again is a multidisciplinary family art collective initiated by James and Jen McGinn. While maintaining professional autonomy, their working practices often converge on collaborative projects, including but not limited to, generative artistic research, pseudo conceptual theory, and the development of post-contemporary pedagogical platforms. Collaborating with family and friends alike, their work explores the depth of these seasoned relationships in objective respect to hyper-formalist composition with a makeshift grander. Their efforts have mainly taken shape in the northeast United States and northwest Europe and hope to be coming soon to a theater near you.