CPR Presents: New Voices in Live Performance

May 13, 14, and 15, 2016 Performances at 7:30 Saturday workshop at 2pm  Sunday workshop at 12pm  CPR             […]

May 13, 14, and 15, 2016

Performances at 7:30

Saturday workshop at 2pm 

Sunday workshop at 12pm 


361 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn


Tickets: $10 online and at the door

Friday Night Performance: An Evening of Immersive Performance Featuring Elena Rose Light, Alex Romania, and Jacob Slominski

Please come experience immersive new work by Elena Light, Alex Romania, and remounted work by Jacob slominski. Audience members are invited to go on a destablizing trip into, gender poltics, childhood, punk aesthetics, art history, as well as taking a hand held journey through the land of their own imagination

Saturday Night Performance: An Evening of Contemporary Puppetry Featuring Maiko Kokushi and Rowan Mcgee

The second evening of performance will be shared by Maiko KiKuchi and Rowan Magee, who are both contemporary puppet performance artists. Maiko will lead viewers on a crazy day dream of childhood tongue twisters brought to life in a surreal 2d and 3d narrative. This is her way of reimagining and accessing a childhood culture and ritual through words she is still trying to wrap her tongue around. Rowan Magee using found objects and found text will explore narratives of labor, family and legal invisibility. His latest project is a theatrical staging of a Chinese Takeout restaurant, mixing marionettes and human characters to pay homage to the most popular fast food in America, and the people who make it.

Saturday Workshop: Uses of Object in Performance

Have you ever wanted to incorporate objects or imagery into your work, but have lacked the tools or the entry point for exploration?

Then come join us for “Uses of Object in Performance” a workshop led by Maiko Kikuchi, Jacob Slominski, and Rowan Magee that will explore when a prop stops being just a prop and becomes an integral part of the work. Maiko will share how she translates her collage work into 2d/3d cotume/sets. Rowan will discuss his use of puppetry and how he performs with, next to, and through objects. Jacob will share how he uses story telling, found object, and imagination as performance.

Participants will then create an “instant installation” performance, using the tools they have gained through the workshop and previous purchased materials. This piece be performed by participants as a 5 to 10 minute opener to Maiko and Rowan’s evening of performance that same day.


INVISIBLE ARTISTS’, led by Alex Romania and Elena Rose Light, function is to confront issues of visibility (prompted by living in New York City) that ‘emerging artists’, or artists who inhabit an ‘invisible space’ face, questioning and forming an alternative to existing systems by which artists and their work are represented. Events are prompted as much as possible by collective input, subject matter extending to presenting, funding, marketing, sustainability, institutionalism, DIY, and slippery use of the terms ‘emerging artist’ and ‘invisible space’. Subjects are addressed through meetings in a manner that participants deem appropriate.

As a part of this platform Elena Rose Light will help artists write about their own work in a more cohesive and coherent manner. Each artist will talk through their statement aloud, and the group will give critical and constructive feedback, and the statement will be created collectively in real time. Overall the event will culminate in an online resource.