CPR Presents: New Voices in Live Performance, How To Play Under The Sun

New Voices in Live Performance is an annual curatorial program that invites a curator, artist, or collective to organize a weekend-long program of public events at CPR. This summer's program features How to Play Under the Sun.
June 10 & 11 at 7:30pm
361 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn

Tickets: $10 in advance and at door (cash only) // IDNYC tickets available with ID in advance or at door (cash only)

New Voices in Live Performance is an annual curatorial program at CPR that invites emerging and established voices to organize a series of public events, including performances, workshops, installations, panel discussions, or any other format imagined by the invited artist(s). This season’s NViLP presents How to Play Under the Sun.

How To Play Under The Sun

Farewell to end well. A collision-scape of desire: the zero and love like a ciphe wrenched taught. Kill your darling, or stand timid, shadow reaching a slight distance. What is that over the horizon?  Come failure — by ones, by twos, by threes; swollen hot and dark. Have you taken a bite out of the night? No, not from here, what an unpleasant axis. Fruitless is the venture through sight. Instead, hear it go, our unraveling planetary mass dispersed and then threading like a cable: the fall and wind into. It’s odd, I love you and I don’t even know you like that. Can I get a mic check?

Concept & Choreography: Jonathan Gonzalez

Performer: Chazz Giovanni Bruce

Sound Design & Composition: Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste

Dramaturgy: Ali Rosa-Salas

Textile Installation: Devin Morris

Scenic Design: Miguel Cardona and Jonathan Gonzalez

image by Andre Douglas