Tickets: $15 in advance or $20 at the door (cash only) – This show is sold out!

Arisa Kusumi presents MERGE

MERGE vol.2 VIDEO/INTERACTIVE ART + DANCE is a hybrid showcase of dance and video/interactive art. Contemporary dancers, visual artists, and media artists meet and present a variety of their artworks and collaborative projects. Produced by a Japanese choreographer and dancer Arisa Kusumi and directed by a visual artist Satoshi Tsuchiyama.

Thank you everyone for all the support, this is vol. 2!

The idea of the event originated when Arisa Kusumi, a dancer and choreographer, met a visual artist, Satoshi Tsuchiyama in New York City. They wanted to create an event that is something a little different from a conventional dance showcase. The collaborators realized that their influences in both dance and visual art could enormously inspire each other. MERGE intends to merge the layers of different artistic mediums together and presents a lively experience where the borders of all formats become vague for the possibilities of new meanings and relationships within the works. The chemical reaction among the artworks will invite the viewers to go beyond the surface of what they are seeing. MERGE is an evolving environment for all kinds of artists, creative endeavors and experimental approaches.

Arisa Kusumi /Producer, Choreographer, Dancer

Satoshi Tsuchiyama /Artistic Director, Visual Artist

Yuzuka Tsuda /Dancer

Moeka Matsui /Dancer

Mei Yamanaka /Choreographer, Dancer

Misuzu Hara /Dancer

Risa Hoshi /Dancer

Risa Matsu /Dancer

Daisuke Omiya /Choreographer, Dancer

Taezoo Park /Media Artist

Joohee Park (Sticky Monger) /Visual Artist

Laurent Le Gall /Choreographer, Dancer

Sarah Zehnder /Choreographer, Dancer

Jake Bone /Dancer

Nathalia Trogdon /Dancer

Anna Hillengas Troester/Choreographer

Stephanie Grover /Dancer

Julia Neto /Dancer

Virginia Mottla /Dancer

Antonia Kuo /Visual Artist

Lily Jue Sheng /Visual Artist

Mike Sidnam /Sound Artist

Federico Grandicelli /Visual Artist

Marie Louise Omme /Visual Artist

Jain Kwak /Visual Artist