Nina Winthrop, Amanda Loulaki, and a tribute to Nancy Topf

Tickets: $15 in advance and at door

Constraints IV is a new interpretation of a previous work expressing the constraints faced by women in Japanese culture. The original work was created with dancers Yoko Hayashi, Shoko Kashima, Chico Katsube and Kunie Suzuki during a one month residency at Tokyo’s Morishita Studio, with support from Asian Cultural Council and Saison Foundation. 

Space Walk (Objects In Space) is inspired by the work of the late teacher, dancer and choreographer, Nancy Topf.  This particular manifestation was developed in 2000, soon after her death, in a workshop that took place in Miami and Mexico by a group of her students, including Hetty King, Helena Thevenot and several others, along with musicians Jon Gibson and Pepe Navarro.  These performances can be considered excerpts from some of the ideas developed in this original workshop production.

Amanda Loulaki presents a new work and a new world where she draws sketches of acceptance, while continuing to investigate the experience of time through imagery.

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