Performance Philosophy Reading Group: June

This month we will discuss a “Whiteness and the Politics of “Post-Racial” America” by  Laura Gray-Rosendale, Stephanie Capaldo, Sherri Craig and Emily Davalos from The Performance Identities of Lady Gaga: Critical Essays by Richard J. Gray II. Additional viewings for discussion: “Bad Romance” and “Telephone” by Lady Gaga.

This monthly reading group series, in conjunction with the international research network, Performance Philosophy (PP), will be hosted by CPR AiRs Cody Pickens and Felix Cruz of Cruz Control Collective. and CPR’s Executive Director, Dr. Charlotte Farrell. We will read exhilarating and thought-provoking texts from PP’s publications as a springboard into generative discussion and thought-experimentation. In this series of reading groups, we will engage with texts in whatever way seems most productive.

Registration required in advance. Email for more information.

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