Performance Philosophy Reading Group: May

This month we will discuss two films: Pocahontas Was A Mistake, and Here’s Why! by Nancy Ellis (2017). Racism and Contemporary Dance by Royona Mitra, Arabella Stanger and Simon Ellis (2019).

This monthly reading group series, in conjunction with the international research network, Performance Philosophy (PP), will be hosted by CPR Technical Resident Dean Moss and CPR’s Executive Director, Dr. Charlotte Farrell. We will read exhilarating and thought-provoking texts from PP’s publications as a springboard into generative discussion and thought-experimentation. In this series of reading groups, we will engage with texts in whatever way seems most productive.

A note from Dean: “The first is not a “dance” text but rather a brilliant essay on cultural appropriation primarily focused on Disney’s use and depiction of Indigenous Peoples in its media empire. The second is a film questioning the exclusivity of somatic practice in the UK using edited interviews/conversations from the Contemporary Dance and Whiteness research project: I feel the complimentary discourse between these two documents is a useful way to open-up an intersectional dialogue. One concerning many of the identifying tensions of contemporary performance practice – power, the body, authenticity, colonialism, tropes of identity – and how we as artists both manipulate and are manipulated by these tensions in every practice we engage, and every work we make. I suggest these videos together (total running time approx. 45 min) as a question for the group.”

Registration required in advance. Email for more information.

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