Performance Studio Open House: Sidra Bell, Leslie Guyton/Movement Workshop Group & Logan Company

Admission is Free to the public, with a suggested donation of $5.

Performance Studio Open House presents works-in-progress and a discussion with the artists about the development process for new movement and dance.

December’s showing will include work by Sidra Bell, Leslie Guyton/Movement Workshop Group & Logan Company. Discussion moderated by Jen McGinn.

Preview of a World Premiere that will take place at the Kelly Strayhorn Theater, Pittsburgh, PA in March 2014.

Directed and Conceived: Sidra Bell

Performers: Jonathan Campbell, Austin Diaz, Alexandra Johnson, Rebecca Margolick, Mikey Morado


Both Bitter and Sweet Flow from the Same Fountain: Part One

Choreographed by: Leslie Guyton in collaboration with Chris Saphire + Lisa Woods

Performed by: Chris Saphire + Lisa Woods

Music Artists & Title/s: Blood Pt. 2 by Buck 65 Remix (feat. Sufjan Stevens) + Starálfur by Sigur Rós

Both Bitter and Sweet Flow From the Same Fountain, by the Movement Workshop Group, is a 30-minute work divided into two 15-minute sections. Part One is premiering this evening. Part Two will premiere on December 7th as a part of mouthfull. also at Center for Performance Research. The work is a rolling human landscape that explores the unbearable ease at which love and sexual attraction naturally transition into psychological violence and judgment.


However Long You Call Them

Choreographed by: Kathryn Nusa Logan

Performed by: Kathryn Nusa Logan

Sound Design by: Kathryn Nusa Logan

This piece is a collaboration with myself- music and movement- in a fuller, more researched way than ever before, seeking information from the folk music tradition which runs deep in me, my father and my home town. A reconciliation of time, how it has passed, and how much control it has had: an abstract movement research into an individual experience of nature versus nurture.