Performance Studio Open House

Join us for the first PSOH of the season, featuring a multimedia work by Tess Dworman, Burr Johnson, and Jungeun Kim.
October 13, 2015 at 8pm

361 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn

Free admission, $5 donation encouraged at the door.

Performance Studio Open House presents works-in-progress and a discussion with the artists about the development process for new movement and dance. This month features works by Tess Dworman, Burr Johnson and Jungeun Kim. Discussion afterward moderated by Jen McGinn.

Tess Dworman
This multimedia work is an amalgamation of collaborative projects that choreographer Tess Dworman has initiated with visual artist David B. Smith, comedienne Greer Dworman, and sibling philosophers Linus and Mica Rajakumar. These once separate projects have been placed into a pile that simultaneously highlights and obfuscates their larger context as a whole.

Burr Johnson
This piece will be either a solo or a duet. It will incorporate images from nature, gay culture, and classical art. I’m interested in combining ideas for dances that have never come to fruition.

Jungeun Kim
Katrina and Ann-Marie is a piece formed by some of the following ideas: doing and undoing habits, simplicity and complexity, a set score of rhythmic patterns, secret logic, the performers’ friendship, agreement and their intimacy.