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A fisherman in a small coastal town dreams of mass marine extinction, and hauls in empty traps each day. A prodigal son returns, looking for answers. Three young women are beginning to change form, and nobody is talking about it. And yes, some time in the past, on a particularly cold midnight, a woman walked into the sea. It has happened before.

SOMETHING FOR THE FISH is a play about people on the verge of enormous change, set in a coastal town rocked by the sudden disappearance of the sea life it depends on. It is a climate change parable, a contemporary reaction to classic American small town plays, and an intimate look at the transformative (and transfiguring) power of grief, featuring music, visual art, extreme weather, and a little magic.

SOMETHING FOR THE FISH has been developed at The Hearth’s Start from Scratch Retreat and the Great Plains Theatre Conference. World premiere.

Written by Emily Krause (A Ribbon About A Bomb; Provenance, a tree playt h r o u g h o u t i v e n e s s; playwright-in-residence, Exquisite Corpse Company).

Directed by Jenna Rossman (October/November, The Colchester Thunder; Assoc. Director for Safety Net, written and directed by Young Jean Lee).

Featuring Briana Archer, Vanessa Bretas, Diane Chen, Megan Ermilio, Andrea Lopez, Leila Teitelman, and Sarah Gwynne Walker

Scenic and Properties Design by Tekla Monson

Costume Design by Indigo Rancourt

Lighting Design by Abigail Wang

Sound Design by Carsen Joenk

Assistant Directed by Britt Berke

Assistant Scenic and Props Design by Ava Calabrese Grob

Stage Managed by Sydnee Drake Peterson

Produced by Emily Caffery


Artwork by Andrea Negrete

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