Tickets: $20 in advance or at the door

Talented, a solo performance created by Leslie Cuyjet, interrogates personas and formalities from the worlds of past, present, and make-believe in an effort to confront realities in the in-between. Most known for her work as a performer and a recent recipient of a New York Dance and Performance “Bessie” Award for Outstanding Performer, Cuyjet asks, “how is my body consumed in performance with all of its technical dexterity, post-modern nuance, and compositional instinct, that is also curvy, unpredictable, aging, and Black?” Rooted in personal, cultural, and dance histories and narratives whose origins have been forgotten, her embodied research is interwoven into storytelling and gesture. In turn, Talented approaches a rewritten history of her own.

Produced and Performed by: Leslie Cuyjet

Lighting Design by: Amanda K. Ringger

This performance is supported in part by a Mertz Gilmore Late Stage Production Grant through CPR – Center for Performance Research.

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