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“We can call it a Mexican hat for now” by Martita Abril in PSOH (November 2019).

Photo by Kathryn Butler.


Guided by Deborah Conton (Dee Spark Tarot) and Stuart B Meyers

Wednesday, October 14 | 6:30PM on zoom

Sliding Scale Tickets ($0-$20). Purchase tickets here

CPR Presents Mysticism, Astrology & Tarot for a New Creative Moment (Era?) is an experimental collaborative platform centered around the topics of mysticism, tarot, and astrology. Stuart B Meyers and Deborah Conton (Dee Spark Tarot) will offer insights into their connection to spirituality, astrology, dreams and imagery work, their distinct tarot methods, and how these systems inform their creative practice. This discussion will serve as an entry point for (virtual) connection and collective dialogue. All are welcome!

More info about the event here

This monthly reading group series, in conjunction with the international research network, Performance Philosophy (PP), will be co-hosted by select CPR Artists-In-Residence and staff members. We will read exhilarating and thought-provoking texts from PP’s publications as a springboard into generative discussion and thought-experimentation. In this series of reading groups, we will engage with texts in whatever way seems most productive. Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, Octrober 21. More info here