Performance Rentals

CPR – Center for Performance Research is available for performance rentals at reasonable rates for individual artists and small performing arts nonprofits.

CPR’s goal is to make its space available for a range of performance activities, at affordable rates, from informal showings to fully-staged productions.

To inquire about booking a performance rental, please contact
Alexandra Rosenberg, Executive Director, at


  • Performance rentals are $130/hour with a four hour minimum and at least 4 hours of technical rehearsal in advance of the performance time ($80/hour). CPR’s Technical Director is present during both tech rehearsal and performance.
  • Most renters will consult in advance with the CPR Technical Director, at a cost of $25/hour, and the rental fee includes a $60 charge for technical supplies/services
  • Regular rehearsals, load-in, and space holds will be booked at the rehearsal rate of $18/hour in the large studio. For performances that require set pieces, rented equipment, or a reconfiguration of the space/audience setup, CPR will book the space continuously from load-in to load-out at the rehearsal rate, outside of tech and performance times.
  • The Small Studio can be rented for rehearsal, warm-up space, meeting space, or to stage visual installations as part of the performance event, at the cost of $10/hour. The use of the Small Studio is included in the 4-hour performance rental, but not the technical rehearsal rental.
  • Exact rates and length of rental will depend on each renter’s specific needs.
  • Other rental rates for showings, film shoots, and other activities are available upon request.
  • Use of certain technical equipment, reconfiguring the space and audience setup, performance with 10 or more artists and technicians will be subject to additional occupancy charges.


  • Payment for the balance of the performance rental is due 4 weeks before the performance date, paid by check to ‘Center for Performance Research.’ Check your contract for these details.


  • CPR offers an unobstructed 41′ x 45′ (1,845 sq ft) white box studio space for performance.
  • During the performance rental, the Small Studio is used as a lobby for patrons.
  • If you choose to install visual art work in the small studio, consult with CPR in advance for best practices to install work and handle patrons.
  • CPR’s office converts to a dressing room/greenroom with one bathroom, but space is very limited.
  • CPR has one coat rack that can be used for costumes or for audience coats.
  • Floor: renters may choose a black or white Marley or spring birch plywood polyurethane floor with a matte finish. The black Marley is the default floor for performances; flipping the floor to white, or storing the Marley floor will incur an extra charge for tape, space rental and labor ($400).
  • CPR has no formal “backstage” area, crossover or wings, entrances are usually made from the back right or back left of the house.
  • CPR does not have curtains.


  • CPR’s overall capacity is 73 people, inclusive of artists, audience, staff, technicians, musicians—everybody! CPR will under no circumstances oversell the house or allow more than 73 people in the space at one time.
  • CPR provides riser and chair seating that can accommodate 52 people.
  • Audience may sit on the floor, but may not block fire exit.
  • Risers are moveable and can be placed around the space, or hidden, but require additional tech time for large-scale reconfiguration, so please check with CPR first.
  • CPR has approximately 60 black chairs that can be configured in any way to fit the space.
  • If you are interested in re-configuring the space, ask CPR staff about your options, as any configuration that cannot be restored each night will incur an extra charge to “hold” the space over multiple performances.
  • CPR’s office can be reconfigured into a dressing room for performers, but eating and drinking are not permitted on the tables with computers, and performers may not use the office as a dressing room during technical rehearsals.


  • Lights: CPR’s rep plot is available for use. See attached Rider for available instruments. Any additional instruments will be brought in at the renter’s expense.
  • Sound: CPR has a CD player and the option for a laptop or iPod to be connected to our system. Speakers are hung in the air, and can be moved. See attached Rider for details. Additional speakers, subwoofers, etc. will be brought in at the renter’s expense.
  • CPR has wireless microphones and a PA system. (Extra charges apply.)
  • Projectors: CPR owns four projectors that can be placed around the space. (Extra charges may apply.)
  • CPR permits live musicians in the space, but drum kits and other heavy or large equipment can prove dangerous for the Marley floor, so check with CPR staff in advance.


  • Listing on CPR website and on CPR’s online calendar.
  • Listing in CPR e-blasts (~9,000 recipients).
  • Promotion through CPR Facebook account.
  • Renter will provide CPR will all necessary marketing copy and images upon signing the rental contract, or at least 6 weeks in advance.
  • Email all marketing and program materials and questions to


  • Renter sets the ticket price (free, by donation only, with paid tickets usually between $10-$20)
  • Pre-sale tickets and reservations made available through Brown Paper Tickets
  • Cash-only box office the night of performances
  • CPR will limit seating to 52 audience members, including comps, unless otherwise approved.
  • Renters will receive 90% of the box office proceeds (typically paid by check to the individual or company renting within 30 days of the performance). If an individual is the recipient of the box office proceeds, the money will be paid as 1099-misc income. Fiscal sponsors will treat this fee as earned income.


  • CPR will staff each performance with an event manager who will handle the box office, set up the lobby, and manage guests. Renters will work with the Event Manager to handle comp tickets and determine other front of house needs.
  • CPR’s Technical Director will be on site for all technical rehearsals and performances, and the TD must be present for the Renter to use any lighting, sound or other equipment owned by CPR. Technical Director is also available for technical and design consultations at the rate of $30/hour.


  • Be aware that CPR is housed within a residential building, and therefore, loitering, conversations, and smoking are never permitted in front of the building, even during the daytime. If you plan to host a large event, or reception, check with CPR for details.
  • Conveniently located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. L train to Graham Avenue, G to Metropolitan with a number of great shops, restaurants and bars in the area.
  • If you have never been to CPR before (for instance, if you are renting for performance and traveling to NYC to do so), please schedule time for a walk- through of the space in advance of your technical rehearsals. This training is mandatory for all renters and will assist you in making decisions about how to use the space.
  • Assume that unless you have rented a space, there will be other artists working at CPR (this is why we rent both studios during performances, so that there will not be overlap between artists).
  • CPR has very limited storage, so moving equipment, tables, and similar that are stored in the small studio will be at the renter’s discretion. Typically, these items stay in the small studio, even during performances.
  • CPR cannot provide office space, computers, printers, scanners, etc. for renters.
  • CPR is a community space, and each renter is responsible for leaving the space in good condition, which includes assistance with sweeping, cleaning up post- performance, and taking all equipment, CDs, costumes, and any trash created by your performance out of the space. CPR does not have a janitorial staff.
  • CPR does not have a green room or meeting space, other than the two studios. If you need space to warm up, wait during tech, meet, or have discussions, please arrange to rent the small studio during these times, or leave CPR for these meetings. CPR’s office is not a public space.
  • Food is not permitted in the performance space. Only water is permitted in the performance space. An effort should be made to eat lunch/dinner away from CPR, if at all possible.
  • CPR has a highly sensitive fire alarm and is a smoke free building. Smoking, candles, smoke machine and open flames of any kind are strictly prohibited within the building.
  • Never apply anything from the walls of either studio without permission and supervision from CPR staff.

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